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Year 2013 (and 2012) Activity Report
Youth Group Support, Computers&Scholarships for Students 

Note: The past year has been very busy and complicated for our family. You probably have wondered why you have not heard more from us. LaVerne=s mother=s health deteriorated and then last Fall she passed. Bill was admitted into the hospital in England while visiting our son there.  He had three stents implanted near his heart and spent the next several months doctoring to maintain his health and regain his strength.  This past year Bill has spent a lot of time supporting his mother who has had five operations and now is in a nursing home.  Besides the health issues, we have had the City of Grand Rapids pass a law requiring detailed interior and exterior inspections on all single family rental property.  Since we manage single family rental property, we have had to carefully inspect each property and do additional work to make sure that they comply with all the new housing laws. This winter Bill found himself shoveling roofs during the month of February.           We have continued to spend a lot of time several times each week with the Eastown Ministries youth programs in our neighborhood.

 Computers for inner-city students and their families:   The market for computers has again declined, not only by there being many low cost computers available but also by the hand held I-pads and cell phones that nearly everyone seems to have that do nearly every electronic task wanted.  Even the popular media reports that desktop and even laptop computers are less popular to get on the Internet and do computer work. During 2012 & 2013 we have continued to provide computers to low income students (both teenagers and some unemployed adults) and their families who cannot afford to buy a computer

We have ended the Eastown Ministries AHomework House@ for students in and near the Eastown neighborhood because the local public school offers the after school tutoring. We offered the house used for the homework ministry as a rental, seeking a family who would work with neighborhood children through the Eastown Ministries program located next door to the house.  We found a wonderful married couple with children who rented, started working in the youth program, and eventually bought the Homework House and now are an essential part of the youth ministry

We continue to rebuild and give Pentium 4 1.7Ghz and better computers.  We have ended the installation of Windows XP sp(3) software for the operating system and have been installing Windows 7 since March of this year. This year we have begun to install Windows Office (Home and business) 2010 since we are able to purchase this software from Microsoft through the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (MRR) program.  We continue to install Open Office, a free version of Office made by Apache Software an Open Source operating system.  Open Office is the program used in the public library, where many low income students have gotten their experience on that program, and it can be obtained free on the Internet.  We continue to install Mozella FireFox as an Internet browser along with Internet Explorer, and Thunderbird as an e-mail program.

The Public Schools, GR Community College, Davenport College, Michigan Works, United Way, churches and neighborhood associations continue to assist students to fill out the applications and find volunteer opportunities in the community.  They also refer businesses who want to donate computer equipment to us.  We continue to have the Kent Intermediate School District office for home schooling (serving students expelled from school) refer parents to our program when they do not have a computer in their home. The United Way refers anyone in crisis that needs a computer to our ministry.


Note: Michael Daniels has informed us that he can no longer serve as a Wherever God Wills Board Member.  We appreciate your past service Michael and know that your continued work in youth ministry is a blessing to our community.    


All contributions to Wherever God Wills Youth Group Support Service are tax deductible