Wherever God Wills

Computers for Students Year 2015 Activity Report

Computers for low-income students and their families: The market for desktop and even laptop computers has nearly dried up. They have been replaced by the hand held I-pads and cell phones that nearly everyone seems to have that do nearly every electronic task wanted. During 2015 we have continued to provide computers to low income students (both teenagers and some unemployed adults) and their families who cannot afford to buy a computer or the popular hand held devices. We have gotten very few computers from small businesses and individuals who have upgraded their computers. In the past year we have depleted our past accumulated stock of computers and monitors. Some have gone to students and non-profit ministries. The older stock has been recycled through CompRenew and metal scrap companies. For the past 20 years we have stored our extensive stock of computers, monitors and printers in a 40 foot long semi-trailer.  We painted the interior white and installed shelves through the entire inside. This winter we sold the trailer to a small business in Grand Haven that will also use it for storage.

We continue to rebuild and give Pentium 2+ Ghz and better computers. We continue to install Windows 7 and Windows Office (Home and business) 2010 since we continue to be able to purchase this software from Microsoft through the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (MRR) program. We also install Open Office, a free version of Office made by Apache Software an Open Source operating system. We continue to install Mozella FireFox as an Internet browser along with Internet Explorer, and Thunderbird as an e-mail program.

The Public Schools, GR Community College, Michigan Works, United Way, churches and neighborhood associations continue to assist students to fill out the applications and find volunteer opportunities in the community. The United Way refers anyone in crisis that needs a computer to our ministry.

With all these organizations referring computer applicants, we give only a few computers each month.

Although few people are seeking our computers now, we expect to continue to offer them to those students who come to us until we run out of computers, or demand ends.

Bus Activity Report

Summer Season 2015

The bus was taken to be checked over and the summer season began with the bus functioning well. We had a list of sites in advance from the group at Calvin Christian Reformed Church in cooperation with Eastown Ministries and the Believe2Become program.

We plan and serve food 3 times, including breakfast, lunch, and a snack. These trips were part of the 2015 season

July 7 - Meijer Gardens

July 9 - Kroc Center

July 14 - Fishing at Whistlestop Park in Byron Center

July 16 - Camp Roger

And a "successfest" at Gerald R. Ford

July 21 - Calvin College Nature Preserve

July 23 - Boulder Wild Animal Park

July 28 - Millenium Park swimming

July 30 - Blandford Nature Center Predators and Prey

July 30 - End of year dinner program

In addition to the above on July 26 the youth group of Vineyard North Church went on the bus to the North Shore Park near Ferrysburg.

On August 16-17 the Vineyard Church Middle School Youth Group went to the farm.

We also took several trips with family, friends, and neighbors to various sites in Northern Michigan.

We thank God for all the spiritual growth, the fun, and the fellowship enjoyed on the 2015 Bus Trips season.