Sample City Budget & Service Review
The budget amounts do not represent this years budget

The following are some of the more visible services that our City government provides  

In this SAMPLE actual past fiscal year the City employed one thousand eight hundred eighty six employees and spent over $267,000,000. for debt payments, and to provide services and physical improvements for our community. 
These funds come from City income tax, property tax, fees for service, fines, State of Michigan and Federal contributions, and other sources. 

  AT THE END OF THE  BUDGET PAGE  you will have an opportunity to send your ideas about City services to City government.
Street maintenance: Phone 456-3232, Budget $9,200,000.    Provides all street surface repair, sweeping, curb repair, alley maintenance, tree maintenance in parkways, and snowplowing,
Refuse Collection: Phone 456-3232, Budget $10,300,000. 
provides residential refuse collection, leaf and yard waste collection, recycling, and neighborhood cleanups, 
Traffic safety: Phone 456-3066, Budget $5,900,000. 
Manages all traffic signal lights, street & alley lights, signs, pavement markings, street lighting, and intersection design,
Engineering: Phone 456-3060, Budget $12,100,000. 
  Performs design engineering, construction engineering, and contract administration for various public works projects,  sidewalk and street construction and maintenance, soil erosion control, and city & private utility trench pavement restoration. 
Motor Equipment: Phone 456-3223, Budget $9,200,000.   Prepares all new equipment for specialized service,  maintain all city vehicles and equipment, repair all vehicles and equipment. 
Environmental protection: Phone 456-3625
  Budget $65,100,000. 
Provides management and treatment of wastewater, management of storm water, air quality monitoring, noise pollution monitoring and enforcement, industrial waste discharge regulation, and public education.
Water Department:  Phone 771-1240, Budget $42,200,000.   Provides pure drinkable water to Grand Rapids residents and sells services to many of our suburban neighbors. Maintains pumping and transmission equipment from Lake Michigan to each residence, business and industry.
Community Policing
Beat Meetings
Police Department:  Phone 456-3403, Budget $34,000,000.
  Patrol services: Provides response to resident requests, assigns officers to prevent and control neighborhood problems, arrests law breakers, enforces vehicle violations, responds to accidents, fulfills neighborhood resident contacts, and provides traffic control.
  Investigatory Services: Phone 456-3380,  Seeks evidence to arrest law violators, and arrests suspects.
  Neighborhood Services: Phone 456-3110, Meets with neighborhood and other groups.
  Support services: Phone 456-3403,  Responds to requests for information, provides evidence technicians, and laboratory staff.
District Court:  Phone 456-3344, Budget $6,400,000.   Provides a forum for fair and timely dispute resolution in the enforcement of city ordinances.
City Attorney: Phone 456-3181, Budget $1,900,000. 
  Provides the City of Grand Rapids Mayor and City Commission, the City Manager and other department directors with legal services. Oversees civil litigation, and criminal enforcement.
Fire Department:  Phone 456-3900, Budget $18,600,000.   Provides fire suppression, fire prevention, public education, fire investigation, emergency management, hazardous materials planning and response, emergency medical care, river rescue, and confined space rescue.
Neighborhood Services:
Neighborhood Improvement:  Phone 456-3053
  Budget $4,700,000. 
Responds to citizen concerns about property and housing conditions, enforces property and housing codes, enforces historic district regulations, and works to ensure that building construction activity is conducted in a safe, legal and orderly fashion by qualified individuals.
Neighborhood Offices:  Phone 456-3677,
   Budget $6,700,000.
Provides services to augment proper development of all property and improve the quality of housing, human services and citizen self improvement programs.  Encourages programs for children, youth, and families, and homeownership. Supervises the Neighborhood Service Center Program. Supports neighborhood association administration.
Parks and Recreation:  Phone 456-3696
  Budget $7,800,000. 
Provides leisure opportunities:  leisure education classes, youth sports and activities, adult sports activities, aquatics, swim lessons, playgrounds, outdoor ice rinks, senior programs, Paul I. Phillips Center operation, cemetery services, and park security.
Question:How can we make the city sports program more 
visible, popular, and get more adult involvement and support? 

Question: Would you support covering existing outdoor swimming pools and making them available for groups in the Spring and fall months? 

Cultural Services:
Library: Phone 456-3600, Budget $9,300,000.
Offers materials and professional support to provide effective information for leisure, business, personal, and educational needs using the latest technology from downtown and neighborhood branches.
Museum: Phone 456-3977, Budget $4,200,000. 
  An educational institution which collects, preserves and presents the natural, cultural and social history of the region.
Planning and Development Services: 
Planning Department: Phone 456-3031, Budget $1,900,000.   Manages planning, design, population characteristics, building characteristics, and zoning data for the downtown and every city neighborhood.  Works with the Planning Commission, Zoning board, other city departments, community groups, and the City Commission to help direct, control, and encourage the development and re-development of land within the city.
    How can we better help neighborhood business districts?

     Would you support requiring that all city planning and zoning decisions be referred to affected neighborhood councils for comment?
Auto Parking: Phone 456-3290, Budget $9,100,000. 
  Manages parking meters, parking facilities operations and maintenance, and parking enforcement. 
Grand Center: Phone 742-6600, Budget $2,600,000. 
  Manages the Welsh Auditorium, DeVos Hall, Grand, East, and West Halls and various public meeting rooms.

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