Hopelessness in the community.

It is said that without a hope and a vision humanity will perish.
I was in a neighborhood meeting when it was asked what were the most serious problems in the community  someone said
hopelessnessWhen I heard that I thought about it.  I had said apathy butů. hopelessness!
When we organized our youth group motor home ministry*, one of the things that motivated us was wanting children in our neighborhood to develop a vision of the world that is broader that their own block and neighborhood and  can produce hope for their future.  We wanted them to see the endless possibilities that life offers them.  We wanted to help other adults to have a resource that could help them share the wonders of the world with our neighborhood kids.

I have watched how our community often has been led and I am not always impressed with how we help people see the way to a better future.  Often the focus is on the negatives.  Leaders too often point to the problems instead of focusing on our resources and on a vision of what we want for the future.

I believe that some of us confuse our young people by blaming all our personal failures on lack of opportunity and being cheated by other people.  We need to right wrongs and make sure that our children are treated fairly and are not blocked from opportunities, and get their fair share.  We do not need to lead our children and others to believe that there is no hope while we escape the old neighborhood and "live the good life".  Our people have more educational, financial, and material resources than most of the rest of the world.  We should admit personal failures,  help our young people work around and overcome unfair treatment by other people, and try to recognize and seize opportunities when they present themselves.
Many of the leaders of our community describe our older neighborhoods as a place we should escape from.  They not only say we should escape,  they lead the way with resources obtained from those who can not afford to follow them into newer neighborhoods or out of the city altogether.

  We need leaders who have a vision of the future and know how to inspire our people to recognize the potential we have and show by example.  We need leaders who will help us stick together and  use available resources.  We need leaders who will invest their own personal resources in our community, and help us build a better future.  That is what our grandparents did under much more difficult circumstances and that is one way that our community can overcome

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