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If we had, and would, more adequately share, the world wouldn't be compelled to leave their countries.


A movement of the ecumenical Christian community
grounded in biblical witness and shared traditions of justice, peace
and the integrity of creation.
The 2017 conference focused on the issues of  U.S. Racism, Militarism and Materialism.
U.S. materialism is seldom recognized for its extensive negative impact on our society.
We of European heritage ride on the shoulders of the European settlers, our ancestors, to North America. They established the culture that we benefit from that was established through some shameful abuse of those already living here and enslavement of others brought from elsewhere. We continue to benefit from their "investments" in North America. We own the good and the bad in the way that they invested here. There has been a lot of good, but some of the process used to establish our country hurt a lot of people and that pain continues today.
 Some of the selfish tactics used to gain wealth and power, and maintain power, are still used today.
 Our selfish materialism continues to plague us all, both black and white.
We have been willing and done anything, to "others" to protect our personal material wealth and power.
 We should understand how we now materially benefit from the past abuse of "others".
We should conduct ourselves in such a way to help heal wounds
 of those who are still affected by that abuse.
This conduct is not needed from just European Americans, but from ALL Americans
 who have been blessed with the same benefits, if our country is to heal adequately .
$ What did Jesus teach about how we should manage money? $

From April 21 - 24  2017  we went to an Ecumenical Advocacy conference in Washington DC 
 with a 24 year old black, Muslim young man, Hamza Ibn Osman (Hamza Ahmed), who writes powerful socially conscious poetry.

Hamza reciting the two poems below on Facebook (leave a Fb. comment)

In preparation for the weekend in Washington DC; Hamza writes:

Audio of Hamza reciting....the two poems below

      Excited for the weekend
Gotta sleep super early this evening
Cause very early in the morning I'm leaving
The last time I was there, I was in the 8th grade
Dang I'm growing old, that's over a decade

10 years later, more memories to be made
last time was with my class, this time is with my neighbor
Last time I was a student, this time I'm doing labor
last time was way before I even knew my major,
it was before I learned the use of a razor, and
was prior to my realization of putting words into paper.
That's my life in a snap shot
The following year the eagles were my mascot
Then it was the raiders but more recently the bull dogs
was my last stop.
Hamza out (mic drop)

      It is our privilege here to share one of the poems that he wrote after being at the conference for a day,  and.... at the end of the conference it was read
by the Conference Director,  Rev. Dr. Leslie Copeland-Tune,
to hundreds of people who were there:

" Listening to great speakers wise words spoken,

from my slumber beneath my blanket of comfort I'v
e been reawoken

For those not present this poem will serve as your token

many of the things I've heard will leave your heart broken
and your eyes soaken

But the promise of my Lord is what keeps me hoping. it's what keeps me going

I just got to do my part and leave the rest to my Lord who is all knowing.

The speeches taught me to speak truth to power.

Truth is hard to swallow cause its taste is sour

Whereas falsehood has a sweetness that many are ready to devour

Amidst adversity we must remain brave and not allow ourselves to cower

And I'm thankful to the Lord for allowing me to partake in this journey of ours

The weather here like our situation is one of slight showers

But after the storms clear, the clouds disappear and
the sun manifests its power."