A History of Youth Group Support

Abdulrahman and Ali helped load computers below.

The Baldwin boys should get some sleep!

Enjoying Carpenter's swimming pool.

JC Penny donated computers

bed time in the youth bus/motor home

Summer swimming event at the Carpenter's pool

Getting computers from Grand Valley University

Meal time at Michigan's Adventure Park

Carol comforting one of the girls

Student getting his computer delivered to his home

Student to Careers Progression assembling units

Now...when, and where  do we play basketball?

Delivering a computer to a student at migrant home.

Sophia and Hamza Ahmed on Youth bus bunk

Gus Macker event/game in progress

Come-on Mearl, we're supposed to be working!

Gabrielle, Kasey and Chris at Michigan's Adventure

Gus Macker after-the-game reward dinner

Mearl, Tom and LaVerne
unloading computers from bus

Hamza and Suliman at farm, hayfield campsite

Gus Macker event in Ludington, Michigan

Janell & Jasmin at Cornerstone Festival

Grandpa and grandson Simon

Gus Macker overnight camp site next to a church.

Repairing Computers at Africam American Festival

Adventure in the woods, Blickley Farm, Michigan

Osman watching his kids in Diamond lake swimming

African American Festival, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Camping at Blickley Farm, White Cloud Michigan

Osman & Aba Munye family on the farm, White Cloud

Swimming at Diamond Lake, MI

Swimming at Diamond Lake, MI

Camping on a freshly mowed hayfield, Blickley Farm

Praying over a small girl who committed herself
 to belong to God.

Prayer time at end of a Saint Frances outing, Woodiy's

Dancing to spiritual songs, near LeRoy, Michigan