The selling of illegal drugs on our streets has become the source of income for groups of people who threaten the safety and well-being of many neighborhoods.  These people are not only a threat to public safety,  they also make illegal drugs readily available to neighborhood children and others vulnerable to addiction who live with and near them.  The investment in prisons and police enforcement of drug laws is not solving the problem.

   We need to remove some of the profit of selling illegal drugs on our streets and lower the open availability of illegal drugs by working with the federal and state governments to stop the sale of drugs in our neighborhoods.  We should consider providing these drugs free in a clinical/medical setting with treatment for those who have become addicted.  We must continue to identify and help those who have become addicted.

   We need to increase the effort to educate our children and other residents about the hazards of using mind altering drugs, alcohol and tobacco. 

   We need to put a higher priority on youth programs, employment for youth, and the involvement of responsible adults with the youth in educational and productive activity. 

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