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  Join Neighbors and ... Build Community   

This web site is under construction, and seeking suggestions to better help neighbors organize.

To get help or advice on some issues click on one of the links below

Click on the graphics for a description of a free place to bring your youth group.

1.  Helping to supervise positive activities for neighborhood youth.

2. Helping neighborhood elderly and handicapped

3. Good example: Helping develop and maintain neighbor communication

4. Helping improve neighborhood safety and security 

5.  Helping to encourage and improve neighborhood physical maintenance.

6. Helping to develop ideas to improve neighborhood and neighborliness.   
 7. To learn about serving on a City Board or Commission

8. To learn what neighborhood association is active in your area

9. Learn about the people and activity in each Grand Rapids neighborhood. (GVSU)

Encourage a person  in our government to represent you on an issue
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Grand Rapids Representative Ward Map

Grand Rapids Mayor and City Commission  

 Kent County Representative District Map

Kent County Board of Commissioners

State of Michigan


US President

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and mail it to an organization or church active in your neighborhood.
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An Offer to Help

   I would like to help support:  
Days of the week:
Time    From:
Phone: Home #
Cell #
Zip Code
E-mail address:
Yes,   I would like to be put on your e-mail news letter mailing list now
Please check the areas below  where you are willing to help.
Yes,   I would like to be invited to your  church, or group so that you can hear what is important to us.
Yes,   I would like to be a member of your community advisory-support committee.
Yes,   you may place a small  sign in my front yard.
Yes,  you may use my name in a list of  neighborhood volunteers.
Yes,   I am willing to make some phone calls to help in our neighborliness effort.
Yes,   I am willing to deliver neighborliness news letters in my neighborhood.
Yes, I will walk door-to-door on my block to find supporters for neighborhood projects. 
Yes,   I will send a financial contribution to help cover some neighborliness project expenses. 
Another way that I can help:
Thank you !
Please send  your volunteer list to:  an organization or church active in your neighborhood.

Offer to volunteer with other residents to maintain and improve our community.

We hope that this is used to inspire individuals to serve our community.