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We have ended our ministry of giving refrubished computers to low income students because of a lack of demand.
However, if you are a low income student...        We will try to repair your desktop computer.

 The local Comprenew stores sell refurbished computers for very low prices.


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Blickley Family in Togo, West Africa

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Youth Group Support  
* A volunteer service for groups from lower income neighborhoods since 1994 *


A FREE "Primitive Camping" in farm Setting
Outhouse, hand pump water, electric
 Area built to support your group. 

For small groups, we can provide inside sleeping and eating space in the bus/motor home.

We can provide tents, an outside kitchen,
 and storage space for larger groups.

Diamond Lake Public swimming 3 miles away

1 1/2 hour White River tubing 3 miles away.

National forest hiking 1/4 mile away.

Wild Flower Preserve Loda lake 3 miles away.

Minnie Pond Water Fowl Refuge
waterfall and swimming 3 miles away


Your group leaders are responsible for programming, the organization, and the supervision of your group members. 

This bus/ Motor Home once traveled the country but now is used on a stationary farm setting campground for small groups.

For small groups, we can provide inside sleeping and eating space in the bus/motor home shown below.


Our stationary Motor Home  is a specially equipped, professionally customized military bus which will support
      a six member teenage youth group plus two adult leaders.

We also support larger groups with storage, tents, and an outside kitchen.




Begin by filling out the Reservation Application and mailing it in.

If you're there at the right time, you can see real farming activity.

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