Ethnic minorities and poor People

All people are created with equal value in the sight of God.

I am ashamed by the apparent disregard for the poor and people from a different ethnic group that many of us who are experiencing prosperity demonstrate.

I have been in countries that allow the rich to live the good life while the poor languish without any security for the well being of their families.  Those countries have rich people who have to protect themselves behind high walls, barred windows and armed guards. Eventually no one has any security at any price.
Many societies have been pulled apart because the poor and minority groups were not treated fairly and could only gain by pulling the society apart.

I believe that we must invest our wealth and ourselves in all the people of our community. The future of our community is the future of our poor and minority groups.

It is predicted that by 2020 European Americans will be a minority group in the United States.  The golden rule says:   Do unto others as you would have then do unto you.  It will soon be the European American's turn to experience being a minority. 

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