Neighborhood Organizing / Leadership Development

   Many of the physical and social problems in our neighborhoods are caused by a lack of communication between neighbors and co-operative effort among neighbors. Residents have many of the ideas and available resources needed to solve neighborhood problems but they need to be motivated and organized.  Neighborhood  leadership development has not been adequately encouraged nor nurtured.

   We should decentralize and broaden the decision making process for some neighborhood land use planning and zoning decisions,  ordinance enforcement review and management decisions for some city services with neighborhood councils.  By giving neighborhood residents real official review power in city decision making that affects the neighborhoods, a participation motivation factor for resident involvement in neighborhood councils is added.

   The City should pay for regularly organizing neighborhood residents for social and community project events. To accomplish this the City should encourage leadership development by contracting with individuals, organizations or businesses for each neighborhood or block event.  Payment should be based on the level of success achieved in organizing and running the social or project event that brings diverse people and groups together and improves the neighborhood's physical attributes.

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