Our society perpetuates the idea that if you live in the older part of our city you are a failure and support a failing school system.  There are too many examples of our public schools in older neighborhoods being places of low achievement.  People are afraid that if they place their hopeful, motivated child in one of our low achieving schools, in an older neighborhood their child will lose hope and stop achieving.

   We should encourage present public and private school efforts to promote special opportunities in older neighborhood schools for the many students who are motivated and want to be high achievers.

   We should encourage and participate in present public and private school efforts to involve the parents of all students in the learning process.  If the parents are excited in learning.. their lives will be enhanced and they are more likely motivate their children to learn in school.

   There are too few opportunities for people in older neighborhoods to work and socialize together to help combat the "move up move out" idea.  Our older neighborhoods have churches and schools (the institutions that bring people together) that have too few participants for their programs who live in the surrounding neighborhood. These institutions that once held neighbors and neighborhoods together are not serving that purpose like they did in the past. Where different age groups once mingled and worked together at the church and school in their neighborhood,  now adults often are suspicious and even afraid of their neighbors and teenagers in their neighborhood.

   We should encourage and participate in present public and private school efforts to become more involved in the neighborhoods surrounding their schools.

   We should encourage present school efforts to make it easier for children in the surrounding neighborhood to attend their neighborhood school. 

     We should encourage and participate in present neighborhood school efforts to be the "center of neighborhood activities."

   We should encourage and participate in public and private schools efforts in  supporting neighborhood resident activities.                       
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