Community Policing


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People can use the same word or phrase but have different meanings.  This is particularly true in the field of community organizing and community development.  Unless the different definitions are understood, real communication cannot occur. 
Definitions:  A. are general ones while
                          B.  are used more by neighborhood residents.
* Neighborhood or Community-Based
A. The geographical location of a facility or program.

B. A facility or program was developed with meaningful involvement of neighborhood residents and their organizations.

* Meaningful Involvement/Empowerment

     A. A meeting that is held in a neighborhood where a  plan was reviewed and residents were asked for their feedback.

     B. Neighborhood residents and/or representatives from their organizations had a decision-making role in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of a plan, program, etc.
* Partnership/Collaboration

     A. A plan/program is developed by a group and they want the neighborhood association (and neighborhood residents) to help them implement it.

     B. A neighborhood association joins with one or more other organizations as a (partner)  in shared decision-making when addressing a mutually agreed upon problem or concern.  Mutual respect, understanding, and trust are cornerstones of this relationship.
+ Community Oriented Policing
This problem-solving approach to law enforcement is neighborhood-based and requires a partnership with the community.  This partnership is built on the trust developed between the officers and residents.

These definitions obtained from the MSU Center for Urban in Affairs, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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