Dr. Adam Blickley and his family members have been part of several mission service trips to developing countries.  Adam has been an ob-gyn doctor for almost 35 years and has shared his skills in many situations. He started the Women’s Health Center on Union and College at the expressway and is serving manypatients     in the greater Grand Rapids area. He teaches economics and ethics at MSU Medical school.  He and his family are very active in the community, Ani is PTA president, Director of the TEEN MOPS (a program for mentoring teen mothers) at Sunshine Church, and teaches Phys. Ed at Northpointe Christian School. The information below explains a mission trip they all will make at the end of this year. Each member of the family has a job to do, and they go in the name of the Lord, requesting that your prayers accompany the family on this journey.

   To follow Adam & Ani's  on their ministry trip to people in Togo Blog   click:  http://blickleystogo.blogspot.com/

  Daughter Lydia also has a Blog: http://lydiablickley.blogspot.com/

  Message received Dec. 28th, 2011:

  Merry Christmas from Tsiko, Togo 
      We cannot get to our comcast here, so Jenny Voss who is house sitting for us is sending this for us from GR. We will probably not be

  sending out a ton of emails. 

      We arrived safely and hit the ground running. Adam performed a surgery the first night we were here, after traveling for 2 days, all went

  well. He has been finding his way around the OR and is beginning to feel comfortable. Keep praying for wisdom for him, he is seeing

  cases that he rarely, if ever, sees in the states. He removed a 15# fibroid on Friday!!! Someone took pictures, if you want to see them when

  we get home, just ask : )

     The kids performed the Lifesong, Everything skit for 4,5 and 6th time today (Christmas Day). Twice in the hospital and once for the

  missionary's Christmas party. Lydia, did an excellent job of helping all the kids with the music and their parts. 2 of the Dekryger boys-
  William and Grant took part in the mime as well.

     The other two times were in a remote village about 2 hours south of here, where there was a meeting for men, women and children going

  on. It was put on by the pastor in that village, and we were there to help.   I wish I had time to describe the cow trails we drove on to get

  there! Suffice it to say we dodged holes (think biggest pothole you know and multiply), people with any number of things balanced on

  their heads, bikes, motorcycles, goats, sometimes motorcycles and goats together we counted 5 goats-4 dead and 1 alive strapped on the

  back of the bike. 

     We have been well taken care of by the Dekrygers-well fed, well showered, well everything. 

     This week, we install water filters, do a VBS in a mountain village, celebrate Grace's 8th bday, operate, operate, operate, Lydia, Gabrielle

  and I go to Mango with Todd (10 hours on those crazy roads I described above-no air) to see the progress of the hospital they are

  building up there.

     Please continue to pray for perseverance and health for us!

  Blessings and Joyeux Noel from the Blickleys