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God with us
New Mexico, July 1996 .
This event web page is in the process of being edited.

     On July 9,1996 after three and a half days on the road with fifteen teenagers and three adults, the first "GOD'S WILL" Christian Youth group MotorHome/bus and a trailer load of roofing materials for the Zuni Christian School were destroyed rolling over on Interstate 40, seventeen miles west of Santa Rosa, New Mexico. We were about 200 miles from our destination.

When we helped plan this service, learning, and devotional project at Cottonwood Pass Navajo Family Bible Conference in New Mexico we prayed that God would use it.  And it happened...painfully but powerfully!
       The motorhome/bus and trailer rolled completely over and back on their wheels on Interstate 40 at about 1:30 p.m.  Thankfully, the 16 young people were able to climb out of the vehicle. Many were bleeding and all were bruised.  We were taken by ambulance to the Guadalupe County Hospital/Clinic, 20 miles east in Santa Rosa, New Mexico where we were carefully examined and treated.


      During this time there was an immediate media spotlight on the kids. Why? ...  Because as they escaped from a critically damaged vehicle, they joined hands and prayed, and sang, and praised God for his protection and blessings.  They were committed to go on and serve God... AND THEY DID.They did this even though they were in various states of pain, with cuts, sprains, and obvious deep bruising.  They individually insisted that they would press on to finish the purpose of serving God for which they had prepared. The nurse in the hospital who witnessed this behavior was so inspired that she called for her teenaged son to come to the hospital, watch, and experience this unusual spiritually-charged atmosphere.
        NBC, ABC, and CNN, the  Associated Press, and newspapers across the USA  and Canada found this faith and commitment story newsworthy.  Many of our teens were interviewed and footage from Channel 4 in Albuquerque was picked up by stations across North America.
 Not one person was required to stay in the hospital and we all left with an invitation from the First United Methodist pastor, Don McNerlin, to stay in the church.  Bill had cracked and bruised ribs that hurt him so much that he could not stand up to be x-rayed but God gave him the strength to empty the motorhome of the supplies that we needed to go on.
We had salvaged what food we could and almost all of the personal possessions from the wrecked motorhome/bus.  Little was saved from the trailer except a small tent and  some curriculum materials that were to be used with the program at the bible conference.  We stayed for a day  at Rehoboth Christian School, thankful for their kindness, their kitchen, and facilities.  They rescued us and loaned us  two vehicles, five coolers, cooking equipment, and tents. 

We arrived at Cottonwood Pass Bible Conference pretty much according to our original schedule.
What happened on Interstate 40 West of Santa Rosa, New Mexico?  It is very hard to understand and explain.  We walked the accident site on the way back home and could see evidence of what went on, but for the variables, it will probably remain a mystery.  There are possible non-provable "logical" reasons and there are ontological/spiritual features that have to be considered.  Everyone probably has their own take on this part of the mystery/miracle.  For one fact, there are highway signs here that warn of "DANGEROUS CROSS WINDS".   Due to the size of our equipment, we are not sure we could feel one.  Sometimes one  can see whirly "dust-devils" but no one told us that they saw one near us.  

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