Health Care

Is there a role for government?

The greatest need in health care is universal coverage.  For the well-being of our society, all our people need their health problems to be cared for without threatening the provision of their other necessities.

Health care is a critical issue for many low income working families and low income elderly.  The State of Michigan and the federal government provide a measure of health care protection to this population but many are under intense economic pressure when they need health care.  There are many working families who do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare and yet can not afford adequate medical care.  When they receive medical care and are not able to pay the bills, their credit record is tainted so that they can not rent a home or buy other necessities on credit.

  Our working East African neighbor experienced a crisis when their dentist stopped taking Medicaid patients and they could not find another dentist to care for their ten member family.
My disabled brother has great difficulty  paying  the deductible required for receiving Medicare.  The cost of medication makes it difficult for him and his employed wife to purchase other necessities.

We should advocate for these residents of our city with our state and federal representatives for health care and other needs that should be tended to by those levels of government.  The county government advocated for and we passed a millage to help senior citizens remain in their homes and meet some of their medical needs.

Churches, Neighborhood associations and  neighbors should be the first level of alert for city residents who need help.  When help is not available they should be the first line of defense in advocating for the well being of those in need.  When adequate health care is unavailable we should contact our elected representatives' office to find help or advice.

We should remain sensitive to health care needs and work with anyone in the health care profession, churches, neighborhood associations and other individuals to find and support answers to health care problems.

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