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  Join Neighbors and ... Build Community   

This web site is under construction, and seeking suggestions to better help neighbors organize.
To get help or advice on some issues click on one of the links below
Click on the graphics for a description of a free place to bring your youth group.

1.  Helping to supervise positive activities for neighborhood youth.

2. Helping neighborhood elderly and handicapped

3. Good example: Helping develop and maintain neighbor communication

4. Helping improve neighborhood safety and security 

5.  Helping to encourage and improve neighborhood physical maintenance.

6. Helping to develop ideas to improve neighborhood and neighborliness.   
 7. To learn about serving on a City Board or Commission

8. To learn what neighborhood association is active in your area

9. Learn about the people and activity in each Grand Rapids neighborhood. (GVSU)

  If someone agrees with, and wishes to use any or a part of statements below
we invite them to do so!
Use statements and information to help organize your neighbors,
influence your representative, or run for
office .

Statements on some Issues & Questions
  Abandoned Housing

Minority owned Business       
 Neighborhood Churches  
Neighborhood  Councils
Health Care


 Separation & Deterioration  


 Affirmative Action
 Neighborhood business
Community Policing

 Does diversity really matter?


 Organizing and Leadership


  A place for minorities and poor?

 Police Civilian Appeals Board

Gerrymandering of voting districts.

2017 Anti-Gerrymandering bill 4122



Is the City spending our $ TAX $  wisely?        Is there a better way? 

  To review a City budget CLICK HERE .